8 fantastic ways to get that daily dose of inspiration

There are always days when we have one of these feelings bringing us down:

“I’m not feeling inspired”

“Something’s missing”

“Life is so monotonous, it’s almost as if I’m living yesterday again”

“What can I do to feel energetic like I did earlier”

Does this sound familiar?

Well, most of us are traveling in the same boat when it comes to feeling inspired. When we read that Paulo Coelho book or listen to Wayne Dyer or an inspirational TED Talk, we feel charged for some time. But then that old rut comes to haunt us again. Monday morning blues becomes a daily story not limited to Monday alone. Stressful meetings, pending tasks, nagging boss, a blur future in business or the impending retirement and an empty life looming in the horizon.

Now you’d hear someone say, how to get inspired every single day when all you see around you is mayhem, chaos, ambiguity, and gloom. The newspapers, the news channels, the office atmosphere and even entertainment are replete with a strange sense of din. Where to find the spark that propels another day forward? The good news is, you’re not alone. The better news is, there is a way!

How to feel inspired every day?

Sounds difficult? It’s not. It is possible to find something to be inspired every day, if you need to feel inspired every day that is. Sometimes, inspiration comes your way, at other times, you will need to work for it.


  1. Write down your blessings
    If you’ve been successful in tiding over the mid-life crisis, it’s time to count the blessings to tread the path further. It’s never too late to ponder and introspect about the way life has been. The home you built, the kids who grew up fine human beings, the memories of vacations with family, the time you’re able to spend in giving back to society is worth feeling good about. If you haven’t yet reached there, start from wherever you are. Wake up with a smile to remind yourself that happiness is just fleeting, but contentment is permanent. Small joys are forgotten but lasting happiness comes after a time. It is still better if it comes after you prove your mettle and fulfill your dreams.

    Key takeaway: Looking at all that you have accomplished is a source of inspiration

  2. Begin daily journaling and capture key events of your life
    In the old days before the burst of technology, we all had personal diaries, those with dates having one page per day. We used to capture our thoughts in those pages and were so satisfied by writing things down. You can still do this. Alternatively, there are several journaling apps available for mobile devices that regularly remind you to write down the key events for the day.

    Key takeaway: Journaling allows you to self-reflect, inspires creativity, and allows you to set as well as achieve your goals.

  3. Start your day with positive affirmations
    In my post about the positive affirmations and why you should start your day with them, I emphasize on the importance and benefits. Imagine beginning your day by saying to yourself “I’m blessed, I’m creative, I’m fantastic, I’m healthy and so on..” rather than starting your day with “Oh God, not another day of hectic work!”. The impact of positive affirmations is real and it sets the tone for your day. If you are struggling to start, read my post on some of the key affirmations that I’ve found useful in my life. I’m certain these will be of help to you.

    Key Takeaway: Starting your day with affirmations keeps the negative thoughts away and often leads you to stay focused, motivated, and positive throughout.

  4. Spend time with children
    Children at home are the main cause of worry sometimes. Their loud shrieks, school tasks and tantrums. However, spend time and engage with them doing things they love to do. Simple acts such as playing ball with them, painting with them if they love that, sing their favorite songs and anything that makes them happy. Observe how they get inspired every moment of that time. Learn how they derive joy from small tasks that they love. Where do they get inspired from? They are always exuding so much enthusiasm. How does it dry as we grow up? That’s because kids are fascinated by the way things function, by the way they are.

    Key Takeaway: Being curious helps you observe things. It also helps you to be empathetic to surroundings and keeps you happier.

  5. Surprise yourself often

    Too much of monotony gets things to turn boring after a while. Just like you crave for some new food every few days and try different cuisines, the mind too needs some stimulus. Try something you’ve never done before, never eaten before, never seen before. Watch a movie of a genre you’ve never seen before. If you love Romcoms, watch a horror movie for a change. Post pandemic, when it is safe to do so, travel to places you were most unlikely to visit like a museum, a flea market, an NGO or similar. You will be surprised how people live and function in completely different zones, under peculiar situations.
    Key Takeaway: Fresh perspective helps you see things entirely different. This encourages creativity and aides in problem solving too.

  6. Meet more people
    People are a huge source of inspiration for me. Wherever I meet them, I make it a point to speak to them about their lives. At conferences and seminars, at family events, parks or at treks. Pause. Ask questions about them. Show genuine interest in their lives. It’s wonderful to see how people love to open-up to even random strangers when they speak about their passions. See the joy in their voice and the sparkle in their eyes. People’s lives, their struggles and accomplishments, the path they chose and how they reached thus far is something that never fails to fascinate me. Try and meet more people. Make notes. Remember people and stay connected. So occasionally when you feel low, you can pick a phone and call that person.

    Key Takeaway: Life experiences of others can teach you a lot more life lessons that you can think. Someone out there has already gone through the challenges that you are currently facing and has come out stronger and successful.

  7. Inspirational quotes and anecdotes
    Surround yourself with books, quotes and posters that inspire you. Small books of quotes usually do wonders to uplift your mood and inspire you. Make it a point to read at least one page of inspirational books by authors that do not tell fancy tales. Pick a random page and read it first thing in the morning. See how you can connect with the message for your day ahead. Ex. Paulo Coelho’s book Warrior of the Light is filled with inspiring words that you can apply any which way and feel inspired.

    Key Takeaway: Inspirational quotes create a sense of motivation and optimism which often energize you. They also prompt you to act.

  8. Seek like-minded people
    Join a group of people who pursue a hobby similar to yours. Philately, gardening, numismatics, biking, cycling, running long distances, fitness, food, blogging, painting, adult coloring, singing, doodling, Mandala art…anything that ignites your creative side. Complement them for small and big accomplishments. Soon you will also start receiving accolades for yours. Praise is a huge booster for the morale, but it doesn’t come without giving first. Meet with these groups whenever possible and check how far you’ve progressed. Compare your work with theirs and feel motivated by them.

    Key Takeaway: Passion is inspiration. Tapping into your passion encourages you to do more of what you love. The satisfaction that you get by doing what you love is absolutely unparallelly. Read my experience here.

    Inspiration is everywhere. One just needs to stop brooding about monotony and a dull life. There are people out there who would be willing to trade places with you to be where you are today. Similarly, there are people out there who have been in your situation and went on to do greater things. At the end of the day, what you choose to look at, to get inspired, matters.


    Are there any other ways to be inspired daily that you have found useful? Take a moment and comment below.

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