Affirmations that can have a profound impact on your life

I’m a proud 10 seconds swimmer. I take one deep breath, and strenuously take some strides in the water and then, when I’m at the end of my breath, I stop. This I repeat till I reach the end of the swimming pool. That is as much of swimming that I know. Now look, I’m not too proud to admit it.

Few years ago, my wife and I had went on scuba diving in the Philippines. Before we went on the actual dive, we had the instructor come with all the gear to the hotel we were at, and gave us some trial lessons in the hotel’s swimming pool so we would know the basics of scuba diving – how to use the pressure guage, how to wear the mask, how to breathe, signs for communicating and several others. This went on for roughly an hour. Fast forward two hours later. We were now dressed up in our diving suits and walking to the boat. Once all the other divers had boarded, the boat took off to the diving spot. From the moment I sat in the boat, to the moment we reached the diving spot, I said to myself – ‘I can do this!” and repeated this several times to calm myself down. Just as my heartbeats increased, the frequency of me uttering those words increased. And then, I took the dive. After a moment of craziness, I was now in the midst of the world underwater. Everything changed.

Louise Hay, the grand old dame of positivity and proponent of the ‘You can Heal your life’ concept, frequently mentions affirmations as the tool to radically change your life. Her most famous and significant affirmation is to look at the mirror, right into your own eyes and say to yourself ‘I love you’. That, apparently, has a profound impact on oneself. Affirmations that induce positivity within us are helpful tool, especially if you’re steeped in self-doubt, lack self-esteem, full of negativity and hopelessness. And life frequently throws up challenges that make almost all of us finding ourselves in that cesspool.

What are affirmations

They are powerful, positive statements said out aloud or publicly, with full conviction. It means that the person saying it is you, the person listening is you and the person who’s believing it is also you. How, them will it work, you’d say. Well, affirmations are in reality, statements we would like others to say to us, but don’t, statements that we want to believe as true and as real. Even when reality for the time being could be otherwise.

How do affirmations work

Affirmations work exactly the same way that repeat cycles of exercise works on our bodies. When we do lunges or squats, we repeat a cycle of say, ten. Repeatedly doing the same exercise again and again shapes the particular muscle. Our brain is nothing different. When it is told something with full conviction (ie. Without an iota of doubt), it comes to believe it to be true. This belief then starts impacting our lives- in our work, relationships and accomplishments.

Affirmations allow us to believe what we tell ourselves and hence boost confidence and removes self-doubt.

  • Choose an area that is sapping your energy, something that bothers you and prevents you from putting your best performance in your life constantly
  • Craft an affirmation that instantly energizes you.
  • Say it ideally before a mirror, looking at yourself in the eyes and with a smile, as though you’re telling yourself what is true.
  • Believe in what you’re saying and feel the energy of the affirmation spread throughout your entire body, flushing your heart with positivity and energizing your mind with its power.

Some affirmations I’m sharing that have worked wonders for me

  1. It’s a beautiful day filled with opportunities for me

It allows me to look forward to the entire work day and gives a positive headstart.

  1. I am worthy of everything that I achieve in life

A lot of times, people wallow in self pity and feel they aren’t worthy of anything worthwhile. Many times, this has been ingrained in them since childhood by others and has a lasting impact on their psyche. Remind yourself that you’re worth being successful, prosperous and healthy

  1. I am enough

I took this from Marissa Peer and found it to be really helpful to instill confidence in me when I’m really feeling feeble and lonely

  1. I look really resplendent and beautiful

Instantly makes you feel that way. It’s a weird world with staggering ideals about beauty, but then, who is to decide if you’re beautiful or not? Only You!

  1. I feel energetic to take on the world and make a mark

Especially on days you’re feeling low

  1. I wholeheartedly forgive each and everyone who has wronged me or hurt me. My heart is now filled with love and gratitude

Erasing hurtful memories can be tough but you’ll be surprised how much love can be accommodated in a heart that has been cleared of resentment. Filling yourself with constant gratitude also prevents from negativity to make inroads again.

  1. The higher spirit of the universe is constantly with me and has my back

Knowing that there is a superior power to guide you is an empowering experience. One may call it God or the Universe or anything else.

  1. I am capable of being assertive and can stand for myself

When you feel tongue-tied in situations where you need to speak up, these affirmations allow you to garner that strength needed.

  1. I feel so blessed for a wonderful family, friends, work and support

Counting your blessings makes room for more reasons to be grateful for. Remember there are people who pray for what you have been blessed with.

  1. I promise to stay away from habits that caused me harm. I will always be free of any such habits

When it comes to leaving old habits, no one but you can be your biggest motivator.

  1. The universe is friendly and supports me in all that I passionately desire to manifest. I am confident that my dreams are being fruitful

Faith is the strongest ingredient when dreams come true. Doubt creeps in and makes our resolve weak. Say this affirmation every time you feel weak in any  matter you want to manifest.

  1. Every cell of my body is becoming healthy. My body is turning into a healed, healthy body full of energy and vitality

Sometimes illnesses take the breath away from us with constant worry. Almost all illnesses have a psycho-somatic connection wherein your mind governs the speed of recovery. Examples galore of people who have conquered seemingly incurable diseases and have led a healthy life. 

  1. I am attracting my ideal partner / prosperity / job that I always yearned for

Fretting over not finding the ideal partner / wealth / job can be painful. Train your mind to receive what you’re worthy of.

  1. I am finding a solution for this problem I know the Universe is helping me in this situation

Getting bogged down by insurmountable problems can be tiring. Affirmations like this one boost your morale to a large extent.

  1. My mind is at peace. My body is as healthy as never before. My heart is full of love and compassion and life is really beautiful and worth living

Looking at life as an opportunity to leave a mark and being of help to others makes it all the more meaningful.

On a closing note, let me tell you this. There is absolutely nothing wrong in speaking affirmations despite what others say. What matters is what kind of affirmations are you saying to yourself. Feel free to use the ones mentioned above or develop some of your own and get going.

How has the habit of affirmations changed your mindset or changed your life? Has it worked for you? What are some of the affirmations that you use in your daily life? Take a moment and comment below.

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