The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

His profile reads that he is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity- one morning at a time! For someone twice-born – literally, because he almost died twice and lived on, once at age twenty when he met with a near-fatal accident and his heart stopped for 6 minutes and later revived, was told he won’t be able to walk again but went on to complete ultra-marathons, and then again at the age of 30 when he suffered from the rarest form of cancer and again emerged victorious. So in between all these catastrophes, Hal Elrod lived to tell the tale and became a successful public speaker, motivational coach, and author.



Author : Hal Elrod
Originally Published : 2012
Publication : Hal Elrod
Pages : 180
Genre(s) : Non-Fiction, Self-Help

Among the many things that I agree about why Hal says in the book, one is that we are all born as a miracle but somewhere down the years, we lose this shine and don’t quite live up to our fullest potential. Live to your level 10 life, he advises and you can’t deny that. The book, says Hal, delves upon three imperative ideas-

  • That each one is worthy, deserving, and capable of creating a life of extraordinary health, wealth, happiness, love, and success.
  • One needs to spend some time every day to become the best person that you have the potential to be
  • How one wakes up each day and starts his morning sets the tone for the day

Well, as is with every aspect of life, setting this kind of life is always fraught with challenges. Finding time – yes, those excuses of not being a morning person, being tired in the evening, etc.

Doing what’s most impactful – list out that which will have an immediate and dramatic impact on your life

95% of people live a life of mediocrity and only 5% manage to rise above it all. Not having a purpose in life is the common dreaded syndrome among all people. Then how will one feel like waking up early when there’s no reason why. Then there’s Mathew Kelly’s universal life purpose- to become the best version of yourself. One needs to keep some time aside to think about life’s purpose and how you’re going to achieve it. Not having one results in lack of accountability. There’s a lack of urgency and a lack of personal development because nothing has been planned. It cannot happen by itself, for sure, of you don’t take ownership of your life and work on improving it yourself. Who else will do it for you?

The way you wake up, says Hal, depends on the way you go to bed. It’s not how much sleep you had but how well you set yourself up for sleep and waking up that makes all the difference. Go to bed setting your intentions for the next day. That heightens your motivation levels for waking up. And finally, keep the alarm clock away in the room so that you don’t hit snooze.

Hal goes on to enlist the six life SAVERS-

S for Silence: That’s purposeful silence that is put to use in meditation, prayer, and gratitude.

A is for Affirmations: Consciously designing and using our own affirmations

V is for visualization: Of your compelling future, that what you really want, why you want it and how you will get it. Create a vision board if required. Read my post on this to know more.

E is for Exercise: A fit mind dwells in a fit body. Do something that you enjoy. Keep fit.

R is for Reading: Read something every day, books are written by experts who have done something you aspire to do, been where you want to go, and lived a life different from yours. The more you read, the better it is for you.

S is for Scribing: Write something. Journaling is a great way to pen your thoughts and experiences and document them for a long time. It helps to reflect back on what you wrote earlier and understand how you have progressed or how you’ve dealt with life situations.

Key takeaways

  1. How we begin our day sets the tone for what we do throughout.
  2. Consciously plan your morning so that you gain a perspective and achieve focus on your day and life
  3. Aligning the miracle morning with your goals in life is crucial to see significant benefits
  4. Once you begin to see how a miracle morning plan works wonders, you would never want to miss it ever and would even dedicate more than an hour.

Why I recommend this book

I am a huge proponent of waking up early and do believe and practice that waking up as early as 5 a.m. allows you enough time to introspect and plan the day. This book provides helpful tips for beginning the day thoughtfully. In a busy day, we tend to ignore planning for ourselves, reflecting for our own life and in general deciding the shape of our dreams. With the help of simple tools and guidelines, it is, in fact, possible to use the serene mornings for self-development. If we don’t for ourselves, who else will?

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