TODAY YOU WILL NOT DROWN by Koushik Panchangam


Imagine you are in this dark tunnel with water rising from underneath. You look around and you see nothing. Would you sit and wait for an opportunity to come by so that you can escape? YOU know if you don’t act now, that water will get to you and you will drown. YOU decide to move. YOU hold on to whatever you can, get up and move, you say to yourself, “today you will not drown”. YOU look around and see a small light in the far distance, so you start running towards it. Your hopes begin to rise. Your feeling of drowning goes away. You soon realise it’s an opening to escape, an opportunity for freedom. YOU might fall, YOU might trip but you know if you stay down, that water will drown you. Your fear of drowning pumps adrenalin into your body and your focus pushes you to get up and move, YOU run, you walk, you limp, you crawl, you do whatever it takes to move forward. YOU put your mind focused on it 100%. You do not know if there is anything worth once you get out, but you know there is definitely nothing worth staying back. Your brain pushes out all it has ever learned and seems forgotten. Skills that you thought were useless suddenly are put to use. YOU take this leap of faith, a belief in yourself. Away from the rising water, forward and upwards, towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, wake up today and think of a goal, any goal. Big, small, impactful, simple, lifesaving or life-changing. You might want to lose weight, start a business, up to your skills, buy a house, learn trading. Think of getting to that goal like getting to the opening in this tunnel of life where you are stuck inside. You see nothing around you and nothing distracts you. You have water of failure, misery, and disappointment filling up from the bottom, so YOU run, YOU run towards that goal. YOU will fall because you have no experience. YOU will trip and lose balance every time you run in the dark. YOU will get hurt because you do not know what you are stepping onto. YOU will bleed and it is painful. But you see no pain, YOU know none of it matters. What matters is YOU MOVE. What matters, is keeping yourself away from drowning. What matters, is reaching to that goal.

There are voices you hear from people who act like they know it all and try to stop you by saying that this can’t be done. You can’t do it this way. They even laugh at you when you fall. YOU hear them say ” I told you so”. YOU can hear their voices in the dark tunnel all around you, sometimes your own loved ones, other times your colleagues, boss, friends, random expert on the internet. They are trying to distract you. They want you to hear them, follow their advice, for your betterment, sometimes with their own experience, like that random expert on the internet. THAT’S the sound of failure. If you listen to them, YOUR adrenalin will go away, YOU begin to self-doubt. YOU will stop. Water will rise, and along with them, you will drown. As your breath is slowly going away, in your last drowning moments of your life’s failed attempt,  all you will hear them say is ” I told you so”!

So what do YOU want to do? listen, think and stop or get up, focus, and run? You choose.

Author Bio:

KoushikKoushik is a passionate teacher who has been teaching for the past 15 years. His teaching career began when he took the job as a trainer, teaching mechanical design and analysis software 15 years back in a small training centre. Few years later, he followed his long childhood dream of becoming a pilot. He quit his job, moved overseas to complete Pilot training course. Achieving his commercial Pilot’s licence, he got back into teaching. His passion to fly and teach took him to great heights winning several awards. He soon became a Chief pilot of a large flight school managing 100s of employees. During the course of his teaching career, he has trained and inspired several pilots who currently fly all around the world for major airlines. He currently is flying for an Airline in USA and in his spare time continues to teach and inspire next generation passionate pilots.

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